Flatirons Community Orchestra
Mission Statement

  • To provide an avenue for the extension of musical studies and lifetime enrichment for instrumentalists of all ages and expertise.
  • To promote traditional orchestral and wind symphony repertoire through rehearsals and free performances.
  • To supply musical accompaniment for special events for the benefit of both the musicians and the audience.


  • The FCO exists as an outlet for the players. The players’ needs will drive policy decisions, before the concerns of the audience or the music director.
  • There will be no board, only a leadership (“Executive”) committee composed of players.
  • The organization will be run efficiently, mainly playing music available for free, and for which copyright fees are not required.
  • Concerts will be free.

Since the FCO exists for the players, the players bear the following responsibilities:

  • Funding: The FCO shall be funded through membership contributions, and occasional payments for services.
  • Music: Members will print their own parts from the appropriate source and will bring them each week. FCO will have no librarian.
  • Stands: Members will bring their own stands
  • Setting up: FCO has no stage manager, so members are expected to help set up their chairs and return the room to its original state before they leave.
  • Section organization: Each section shall be self-organizing. Sections will default to have a rotating seating plan, to be determined by section cooperation; however, if a section chooses to have one section leader, then the section will vote to fill that position. A tie vote will result in the default (rotating) organization. Each section will determine how many players are necessary to fill that section.


  • All strings are welcome
  • Orchestral seats for winds will be limited to a set size determined by that section.
  • However, all winds are welcome to join the Symphonic Wind ensemble, which is considered a waiting list for available orchestral positions, and as a first-call source for subs. When an orchestral member resigns the position voluntarily, the section will perform a vote to fill the position, with input from the conductor(s) and other winds.