Flatirons Community Orchestra is a player-based organization based in Boulder. We rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm – 9:15pm at Harvest Church. The church opens at 6:50pm.

Harvest Church, Gunbarrel
(75th and Old Mill Tr)

7493 Old Mill Trail
Boulder, CO 80301

We are a fee-based orchestra, to reduce fundraising and maximize music-making. Rather than charge a flat membership fee, players donate what they are able. The suggested donation is $7-$10 per rehearsal ($30-$40/mo). Donations are tax-deductible and donors receive a year-end donation statement. Questions about donating can be directed to April Christensen (flute). 

We communicate primarily via this website and Google Groups and you will be asked to join the email group once you join the orchestra.

Interested in joining or finding out more? Please contact using the contact form or emailing us at fcoannouncements @ gmail . com

(Please remove spaces before sending an email)

Musicians Needed
The FCO performs both full orchestral repertoire and symphonic wind repertoire.  A core group of wind players comprise the wind section of the orchestra.  If a particular wind section is complete for the core orchestral group, other players of that instrument are encouraged to join the symphonic wind group, which uses more instruments per section than the orchestra.  Subs and replacements for the orchestra will be chosen preferentially from the symphonic wind group.
Generally, most rehearsals consist of half full orchestra, and half sectionals (one of which is the symphonic winds).
Please read about our mission for membership policies.

We are accepting all string players

The flute and clarinet sections are full and have no openings. If you would like to be on an interested list, you can email your contact info including a phone number to the group. We will contact you if an opportunity arises
Orchestra – we are currently looking for another oboe

Interested in sending us mail? Possibly a donation?

Flatirons Community Orchestra
P.O. Box 21551
Boulder, CO 80308-4551